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** Press recognition **

India's leading news paper "Times of India" has written a small article on our game!

About Drone RAcer

Challenge your reflexes in this No.1 Drone Racing game on the store!

Navigate your racing drone through the canyons without crashing it. Use "Tilt" or "On screen Joystick" to control your drone but watch out for Birds, Planes and other obstacles!

Drone racing is the sport of the future and Drone Racer brings to you a whole new experience of racing and for the first time in the canyons! Take control of your drone and navigate it through the canyon's tricky paths and finish objectives. Progress through Career Mode, level up, buy new drones, customize them and beat the levels. Set highscore in Endless Mode and challenge your friends to beat it!

Real Time Multiplayer 1 vs 1 - Race to the finish line with your friends or other players around the world and win more rewards!

Key Features

- 1vs1 Real Time Multiplayer

- Career mode with 35+ addictive levels

- 15+ Racing Drones to choose and customize
- Endless mode to set Highscore
- Day time, Night time and Cloudy weather
- Leaderboards and achievements
- Fun, Addictive and Challenging!

Other Features

- Complete career levels within specified time to get bonus reward
- Near miss birds and planes to get bonus reward
- Control your drone against different wind speeds

- Controller support

drone racing is a whole new addictive racing experience!

Game Trailer


Other artwork

Other Details

Release Date : Mobile : 24/2/2017
Release Date : PC Steam : 29/8/2017
Platforms : Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Android

Developed By : RedForce Games

Members : Rakshith Anand

Contact id :

Developer Note

Hi! This is Rakshith Anand, Founder and Game Developer @ RedForce Games.

This is my second game and I took about a year to develop it. I always liked drones especially quadcopters and also racing games. Then I thought why not make a racing game based on this? I already had one Hubsan x4 quadcopter gifted to me by my friends sometime back and I could refer to it whenever needed(Thanks guys)! And consequently this lead to the creation of Drone Racer : Canyons. Be sure to check it out and have fun! :) 

Happy gaming,

And Thank you!

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